Radio Controlled Car Drifting

Radio-controlled drifting is one of the fastest growing hobbies. The objective is to drift a radio-controlled car. RC cars that are used for drifting usually use a type of low grip tyres. To make the RC cars to drift more easily, modifications such as replacing more powerful motors, shocks system, better weight balance, brakes, etc.

This hobby cost its enthusiast a lot of money in order to modify the cars. Many events and tournaments are held to gather RC drifters all over the world. RC tournaments are judged equally to the real drift events such as race line, drift angle, speed, etc. All decision are made through calculation of point, not about who finish first.


Nissan Skyline RC Drift Car


When it comes to setup of RC drift cars, it is not as the same like the real size drift cars where in order to drift, it needs to be rear wheel drive. RC cars can use the four wheel drive setup. These RC drift cars respond and act differently compared to real size drift cars due to it small size and other related factors.



BMW Z4 RC Car 

RC drift cars’ cost can range from RM200 to RM2500. Many people can drift well with a basic setting RC drift car. Some might thing that better modification might give better advantage. But it is a nature of a driver with more experience and knowledge will have more advantage to excel and succeed.


Nissan Fairlady Z RC Car 

One of the advantages of RC drifting is that it is not as expensive RC racing. You can make your own tyres by using PVC that is glued together with contact cement. There are some ready made tyres such as made by Yokomo (a RC cars manufacturer) Most tires are made of either rubber, plastic or polymers and come in has many varieties of traction as well as thread. PVC last longer, due to their physical properties. It has become more preferable due to the amount of traction and sliding quality. They are cheaper than manufactured drift tyres. It promise the drifter a more realistic and controllable driving experience. Some examples of manufactured tyres are RP-D, HPI T-Drift Tires and Yokomo Single Ring.


Example of RC Car Racing Track

The most interesting thing about of RC drifting is making the body of the car. Many people make the body according to their favorite real world drift cars or come up with their own unique design preferences on a real car, as real as they can get.



D1:10 Professional Drift Malaysian Series:

Doriya, Malaysian RC Drift Community:


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