Sand Sculpting

Sand sculpting has become very popular in recent years. Various annual events are held all over the world. Moreover, techniques used in sand sculpting have become more sophisticated. Even Guinness Book of World Record have some records regarding sand sculpting.

2003 Winner of World Championship of Sand Sculpture, Doubles: Peter Vogelaar & David Ducharme, “Could be Wine”


Sand sculpting is considered an art of mixing of two basic building ingredients, sand and water which are available in abundance on a sandy beach. These two ingredients will be used according to specific techniques such as dripping and dribbling to make a sculpture.

The sand must be fine or otherwise it will not stick together. Dry sand is loose, wet sand is adherent, unless when it is too wet. The ideal ratio is eight parts dry sand to one part water. When the humidity of the sand changed, the shape of the structure may also change. Here, landslides will occur. Also the mixture of finer and coarse sand granules is very important to reach high quality results. The more fine granules can be found in natural influences like sea or rivers.





2005 Winner of World Championship of Sand Sculpture, Team: Sandboxers, “Campfire Tales”

Firstly, mix water with sand to a dough-like consistency and shape. Secondly, Mark out an area in the sand where you wish to build the sculpture because it is important not to build it too close to the sea. Thirdly, put mixed sand into said area and add small amount of water. Repeat process until you have desired height and basic shape. Lastly, carve your sand sculpture.


2005 Sculptor’s Choice, Team: The Revolutionaries – Canada/Russia, “Arabian Nights”


The main tool used in sand sculpting is shovel but mostly people use their hands. Water used for the process is brought to the sculpting point with a bucket or other container. Sometimes woods or other hard materials are used to reinforce structures.

Home of Zeus and the 12 foremost gods of the Greek Pantheon.
Sand sculptures 2007. Exhibition by Vision Australia on Rye beach, Mornington Peninsula, Australia.
Original music by Rob Costlow 


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2 Responses to “Sand Sculpting”

  1. Hey. The sculptures look nice. I wish I can build something like that. I have some interesting pictures of these kind of sculptures. Want some of them?

  2. I wonder how people can be so crazy to build up a statue like that, but can only last temporarily.

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