Candle Making

 Candle making is a type of craft that can be made into beautiful shapes and sizes. Candle may have it’s own smell when some fragrances or essential oils added into the mixture of wax. There are some dangers might occur in candle making, which include dealing with wax – both in terms of fires, and in terms of burns, using fragrance or essential oils which can be irritants or even toxic in concentrated amounts and accidents (spills and such).

Bee Hive Shape Candle

Before we start, we have to make sure that measurements and pour essential or fragrance oils are checked carefully. They are very concentrated and might cause stains or might cause severe irritation on skin. We also have to be careful with dyes and colors. Dyes, can quickly and powerfully stain things because a few drops of liquid candle dye can color a pound of wax.

Rose Shaped Scented Candles

Wax can be melted with heat guns or in the oven. Another place where wax can be melt is by using double boiler. Temperature of wax must always be checked with thermometer because when it gets up to 90°C, the wax become hotter and hotter until it start to smoke.

Candles are available in many scents and colours

When everything is done, the final step is to put the wax into a mold where here it will take shape. Various sizes and shapes can be made. Wicks are put on the top of the candle to provide light.


Candle Making Video, from Freshwave TV


Freshwave TV

Candle and Soap Making (

Candle and Soap Making (


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  1. Looks easy to make a candle…
    Hmm but i think we must be very creative =)

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