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This is a type of hobby that related to food-making, commonly referred to as a grill. A barbecue is generally a brazier fitted with a grill and sometimes a spit. The brazier can range anywhere from a simple firebowl, which uses hot coals as heat, to electric powered barbecue.


BBQ Apron Set


Common type of BBQ Set


Barbeque is usually outdoor activity where barbecued food is served. It is a method of cooking by which meat, poultry, fish or other food is covered and slowly cooked in a pit or on a spit, using hot coals or wood as a heat source. The food is marinated, usually with seasoned sauce, to keep it moist.


BBQ Chicken


Barbeque has always been accepted as outdoor activities for common people, but most of us don’t know that barbeque has been a sacred ritual by some people in the Carribean and some other places in Africa.


Outdoor BBQ


One of the best BBQ TV show is License to Grill, which is aired on Asia Food Channel (Channel 703 Astro)


BBQ Set at Home



The BBQ Pit with BarBeQue Man (


Slot Car Racing

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Slot car racing is a type of hobby in car racing with powered model cars which are guided by slots in the track on which they race. Slot cars are usually models of actual cars. Most enthusiasts use manufactured slot cars, which sometimes modified for better performance while others might build the car from scratch using basic parts and material from the manufacturers.


Ford F40 Slot Car


Tracks made for slot car racing exist in various sizes, sculpted to have real-life appearance like the real race tracks around the world, which include competitors stand, people, tree and other buildings.


Porsche Slot Cars


Slot car races use a controller to run a low-voltage electric motor inside the car. Each car will be placed on a separate lane, with its own slot and picking up power from metal strips in the track. The challenge in racing slot cars is in taking any curves and other obstacles at fastest speed without causing the car to lose its grip and spin off the track (deslot).



Slot Car Track with models


Traction magnets are installed under the car that can provide downforce to help hold the car to the track at fast speed, but there are some enthusiasts don’t use traction magnet to add more excitement and allow the car to drift.



Circuit Slot Car Track


These scales are also commonly written as 1/24, 1/32, 1/87 and 1/64. The scale designation indicates how many units of length (such as an inch or millimeter) on the actual car are represented by one unit on the model.





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